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The Lok

A New World

Get ready to get lost in the Victorian retro modern world of The Lok: an impossible-to-put-down novel from Partha Terra founder Tommy Rice. Read the first installment of the incredible series set to become an entertainment giant. The Lok has many plans to come (not all of them confined to the page,) so pick up your copy now!

A Story Unlike Any Other

A saga of epic proportions unfolds on the Victorian retro modern world of Partha Terra, magic meets steam power in a realm where anything can happen. Vicious aliens known as the Razium: whose never ending wars have reduced their world to tatters, have mustered the remains of their armada and left a trail of blood across the galaxy in search of the ultimate magical power: the Labrynthian gates. In the guise of peace they’ve betrayed their new “allies”, and assassinated the King of Ultima Thule. The late King’s only remaining son is missing and it’s up to Walker, one of the last Spartan Paladins to find him. 

The Prince is a one-of-kind mage known as “The Lok” and he just so happens to be the only person capable of opening the Labrynthian Gates – the universe is at stake and it’s imperative that the Razium do not reach him first. Looks like Walker will have his work cut out for him!

Your Story Awaits

It’s a breakneck, white-knuckle ride of warfare, adventure, fantasy and romance spanning the entirety Partha Terra. Follow the prince as he adventures to fantastical locations including the frozen castle prison of Ice Well and the opulent Elven city of Royal. Unravel the mysteries of the Labrynthian, fight side by side with Walker, and JUMP into the magical world of The LOK.

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