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We at Partha Terra are always down for an adventure – both on and off the page! Come join the excitement at book signings, conventions, release parties, and more.

Feb 22-25 Genghis Con Colorado
Feb 25 Page Turner Books: Book Signing (3PM – 7PM)
March 2-4 Emerald City Comic Con With Stranger comics’ Eddie Nunez and Todd Lockwood
March 5 Vegas Toy show
March 22-23 Adepticon Chicago
March 23-25 Gary Con Lake Geneva Wisconsin
May 13th-15 Renton City Retro
June 13-15 Las Vegas Licensing Show
June 23-25 Summer Con
July 19-23 San Diego Comic Con
Aug 3-6 Gen Con * Big Announcement*
Aug 31 Dragon Con
Dec 1-3 Comic Con LA

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