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Partha Terra

Partha Terra is a legendary company created with the goal of bringing magic back to the entertainment industry! We’ve created gamer drinks, apparel, toys, and of course, the incredible LOK franchise. Because we’ve seen it ourselves, we believe that you can accomplish anything through inclusion, hard work, and meticulous attention to detail. Above all, changing the world should be fun! The big question that Partha Terra presents is: “Why can’t you be the hero of your own world?” and the answer is simple, you can! We can do it together.

Our Founder

Our CEO and Founder Tommy Rice brings over 35 years of gaming experience to Partha Terra in addition to a 7 year stint with Games Workshop, and the release of his first game: The Battle of Anstone. He’s a home-grown member of the gaming community!

Tommy has also had success as a professional football player, powerlifter and trainer. Early in his career he moved from Alabama to California, where he acted in commercials and tried out for the Raiders. That is where he met John Madden: a key figure in his life. Mr Madden told a young Tommy that he had the “IT” factor, and Tommy knew that this applied to more than football. He knew that he had what it took to make his dreams come true, so that’s exactly what he did. Partha Terra is the culmination of a lifetime of big dreams, pop culture, and nostalgia. It is a place where anyone can find community: from comics to weightlifting, from streaming to apparel, there is something for everyone here. Welcome to the world of Partha Terra!

The Partha Terra Mission Statement

The mission of The Partha Terra Company is simple: we want to inspire you to become the best you can be! Our desire is to help people prosper by providing information , entertainment, and innovation through amazing storytelling, exciting gaming, and fitness content!

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